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Celebrating Direct Trade Mark 30th Mar 2019

Direct Trade is a term that has been around for awhile now in the coffee industry, but it’s a term that lacks any guidelines or sense of direction.
Each coffee roaster seems to use a different icon/symbol/term to display when their coffee has been traded directly. Not only that, but many are marking their product as direct trade, when really it was purchased from a third-party who did the direct trade. It’s fair to say the criteria for using the term is a little foggy.
This is why we have created the Celebrating Direct Trade mark. The goal in creating this mark is to create a universal symbol that promotes when a coffee has been traded directly.
Sometimes it’s not always possible for a roaster to source directly from origin, or for someone at origin to export directly to a roaster. Third parties play a vital role in helping farmers in hard to reach areas get their coffee into the hands of roasters and therefore consumers. By calling this mark Celebrating Direct Trade, we are appreciating that direct trade isn’t the only way to do business, however it most certainly should be celebrated. 
We've had a soft launch of the project and are currently in contact with a handful of passionate coffee roasters. This time is valuable for gathering feedback and will help us create something that truely matters.
If you're a roaster and wish to get involved, please reach out to us via email (hey@untoldcoffee.co.uk) or on Instagram (@untoldcoffee) and if you're a passionate individual, you can follow our progress via our project Instagram (@celebratedirectcoffee), or by keeping on eye on this journal.