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Brew Guide: Moka Pot 19th Mar 2019

Step 1:
Grind 18.7g of coffee as fine as coffee ground for espresso.

Step 2:
Holding the top half and bottom half of the moka pot. Unscrew to separate the two chambers. Remove the basket inside bottom chamber, and fill the bottom chamber with 220ml of water.

Step 3:
Fill the basket with your ground coffee and compact down slightly. Then place the basket back inside the bottom chamber, and screw the two chambers back together tightly.

Step 4:
Place the moka pot on top of your stove, above a medium heat.

Step 5:
After a few minutes, coffee will start filling the top chamber. Once the top chamber is full and the pot starts to make a hissing noice, turn out the heat.

Step 6:
Pour & enjoy!

Moka Pot icon by Artem Kovyazin from the Noun Project