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Brew Guide: V60 19th Mar 2019

Step 1:
Grind 12g of coffee to just a little bit finer than the thickness of sea salt.

Step 2:
Heat 180ml of water to 91c. 

If you don't have a way of messuring the temperature, boil your water, then allow it to rest for 30 seconds to reach roughly a good brew temperature.

Step: 3
Fold the filter in half, from the seam, to the other side. You should've created 2 new creases and your filter should now take the rough form of a pyramid.

Step 4:
Place the folded filter on the top of your V60.

Step 5:
Under a slow running tap, wet the whole of the filter and empty excess water.

Step 6:
Using a spiral motion, slowly pour approximately 40ml of your hot water over the coffee. Start the spiral pour from the outside, to the centre, being sure that you soak all the grounds evenly. Once you've soaked all the ground evenly, allow the coffee to rest (bloom) for 35 seconds. You should notice that the coffee will start to rise slowly to create a slight dome shape.

Step 7:
Continue to slowly pour the hot water over your coffee, this time going from the centre to the outside, then back to the centre again, and repeat till you use all the water.

Step 8:
Once all the water has passed through the coffee and after 3 minutes, remove the V60 from your cup, discard the filter, and enjoy your coffee.

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