Loyalty Policy

This policy exists to outline the details of our customer Loyalty Scheme, and acts as a written agreement between us (Untold Coffee Roasters Limited) and our customers.

Our Loyalty Scheme is based upon a points system. Anybody with an Untold account, will automatically be enrolled onto our Loyalty Scheme and start accumulating points.

One point is issued to a customers account for each tin of coffee purchased. (For example, purchasing one tin of coffee would earn you one point. Purchasing six tins, would earn you six points.)

Upon collecting ten points, the customer will be rewarded with a token that can be redeemed for one free tin of coffee and free UK shipping.

Should the customer not be based in the UK, or simply wishes for their free coffee to be delivered to a non-UK address, the customer accepts that they must pay the cost of international shipping in full. The international shipping cost is decided by us.

The tokens that are issued in replacement for ten loyalty points, do not hold any monetary value, and cannot be traded or redeem agaisnt any other goods or services.

Ultimately, we (Untold Coffee Roasters Limited) reserve the right to decline redemption of tokens, restrict certain or all products from being eligible, and reserve the right to take these actions, at any time, with or without prior notice.

This policy is effective as of the 18th October 2019