Rectangular looking brick cabin on AlfonsoA pair of hands holding coffee cherries during processing. The cherries still have their skin on, and in the background of the photo are numerous empty drying trays.A dirt track leading to the entrance of AlfonsoCockerel against brick wall.

Alfonso Villagomez

£15.75 - 250g

About this coffee

Tulipe is a Parish located 80 Km Nort West from Quito. This parish is strongly represented by the ruins of the ancestral people who inhabited this area since 800 BC, the `Yumbos'. The ruins of Tulipe is an old ceremonial site where the architecture, geometry and beliefs of the Yumbos are reflected.

The Yumbos endured the conquests of the Incas and Spanish by playing a non-threatening role of merchants, offering agricultural goods and access to trading routes from the coast to the high Andes. Their disappearance is thought that was caused partly by the disease brought by the colonisers, followed by a strong eruption of the Pichincha volcano in 1660.

Today, Tulipe is a touristic and agricultural area, producing mainly sugar cane and cattle.

The hacienda San Agustin is located only a few hundred metres from the ruins of Tulipe. It is owned by Alfonso Villagomez, a Q-grader and former environmental consultant who is very methodical in the production of coffee. The hacienda has belonged to the family for 3 generations but only started producing coffee in 2014.

The farm produces Typica mejorada and Caturra, its profiles are very sweet, fruity and a very interesting acidity. Alfonso is now experimenting with different processes like carbonic maceration and prolonged fermentation. He is one of few producers in the area who can offer a natural processed coffee as the area is very humid and has a high annual rainfall. His trick is drying the cherries in a solar-powered drying chamber, where the heat and humidity can be precisely controlled.

Region Pichincha, Tulipe, Ecuador
Producer Alfonso Villagomez
Varietals Typica
Processing Washed + Carbonic Maceration
Flavour Notes Gooseberry + Strawberry