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Byron Rodriguez - Marygogype

£10.00 - 150g tins

About this coffee

Finca san Isidru is driven by a hands-on approach and innovation. Byron learned to fix stuff by doing, as a teenager he would go from farm to farm to repair wetmills and other equipment. His father's farm has grown over the years and to cope with the growth it was Byron's task to build a new wetmill.

The new wetmill was built from scratch every screw and every inch of paint has been done by Byron himself. Only the three depulpers have been bought, three are needed because of two reasons. First of all, there is one depulpers specifically calibrated to depulp the larger Maracaturra cherries. Also, the wetmill has a built-in sorting system which sorts by weight, thus, quality. In the end this all adds up to the consistently super clean and high-quality coffee. But most of all, it is a token of the devotion to quality of this farm.

RegionFinca San Isidru, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
ProducerByron Rodriguez
Cupping Score85
Flavour NotesOrange + Brown Sugar + Melon