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Jeremy Abadi - Washed Castillo

£9.20 - 150g tins

About this coffee

This Washed Castillo from Jeremy Abadi is our signature filter coffee.

Jeremy Abadi is the producer behind Finca Atikvah. A family estate in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, and the location of our first direct relationship coffee. Alongside his wife and eight adopted stray dogs, they cultivate delicious coffee through a care for quality, and nurturing the beautiful environment which surrounds them.

After graduating from college Jeremy was living in Bogotá with a friend from school. His friends family was from the coffee region of Colombia and had lots of contacts within the industry. One day his friend told him about a coffee farm his family were trying to sell. Jeremy helped his friend build up a presentation to sell the farm as a coffee project. It was from this moment that a passion ignited, and he soon fell in love with the industry.

A year later and he found himself buying a coffee farm of his own.

I've been in talks with Jeremy since the beginning of 2018, and one thing in particular is very clear to me, he cares. He cares about the quality of the coffee he is producing, and he cares about the way in which he produces it, making sure not to leave a negative effect on the environment, he cares about every little detail.

Region Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Producer Jeremy Abadi
Varietal Castillo
Processing Washed
Cupping Score 84
Flavour Notes Milk chocolate + Subtle Tangerine
Jeremy Abadi, holding his harvest of green coffee.Holding a massive coffee beetle.Bright orange butterfly on Finca Atikvah.JeremyHand holding a bright red coffee cherry.