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Jeremy Abadi - Pink Bourbon

£10.00 - 150g tins

About this coffee

Jeremy Abadi is the producer behind Finca Atikvah. A family estate in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, and the location of our first direct relationship. We've been friends with Jeremy since early 2018, and his passion for quality, plus care for nature has always been evident in everything he does.

The Pink Bourbon variety has a fairly low yield and is particularly needy plant. There are many stages where the crop can easily become ruined, therefor despite its usually complex and delightful flavours, isn't a particularly popular choice among producers. Making Pink Bourbon somewhere of a rarity.

We're extremely excited this year to bring you the first harvest of the Jeremy's Pink Bourbon variety. The coffee brings with it flavour notes of black tea and pink lemonade, as well as deeper and more complex fruity flavours. This coffee have proved itself to be a true show stopper at the Untold Brew Lab, and we cannot wait to hear what everyone else thinks of it.

Region Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Producer Jeremy Abadi
Varietal Pink Bourbon
Processing Washed - Extended Fermentation
Cupping Score 86
Flavour Notes Black Tea + Pink Lemonade

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