Kananga Neckson


About this coffee

This coffee is the combined effort of 300+ farmers in the Kasese District of Western Uganda. On average the farms in this region are two acres in size and generally family owned.

Kananga Neckson is the superhuman responsible for organising the collection of all this coffee and getting it ready to be taken to the Kisinga processing station. It’s fair to say, this coffee is a true joint effort with a vast amount of hard work and dedication behind it.

When Kananga’s not busy organising the farmers or tending to his own farm, he can often be found at the processing station looking to further his knowledge.

If you're a fan of fruity, sweet coffees. This is one for you. It has a vibrant juicyness to it, that bring flavours of Black Cherry, Apricot and Honey.

Region Western Region, Kasese District, Uganda
Varietals SL14 + SL28 + Catimor
Processing Natural
Altitude 1300-1550 MASL
Flavour Notes Black Cherry, Honey & Apricot